Corporate Team Building

Take on some corporate team building with a difference!

From our ‘Corporate Cooking Classes’ to our ‘Food Rescue (Mystery Box Challenge)’ we’ll provide your team with fun, inspiring and unique ways to work together. Not only will they have a great time but the skills they learn will be directly transferable to the workplace. Teams really come together when they get a chance to collaborate in a completely new environment!

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Option 1 – Food Rescue (Mystery Box Challenge)

For this type of team building, we will collaborate with Food Rescue – an amazing organisation here in Perth – which Sophie is an Ambassador for.

We will order in boxes of excess food, which would otherwise be thrown out by the supermarkets, and the teams will have 2 hours to create some nutritious meals that will be donated to their chosen charity.  The teams will sit down and eat some of their creations and are welcome to BYO alcohol to enjoy with the meal.

Cost is $160 per person and Taste Budds will donate $20 per person to Food Rescue.

Option 2 – Mystery Box Challenge

We do a mystery box challenge where teams get a box of mystery ingredients and two hours to cook a dish with prizes for the winners… and the losers!

We can cater for groups of 10 – 30 at the studio, and for larger groups we hire Perth City Farm where we can cater for groups of up to 100 people!

Groups are presented with a box of ingredients and they are to create a dish using their culinary knowledge! We allow cook books, a quick google or they can ask our chefs for as much advice as they like!

Teams are marked on their teamwork, cleanliness, edibility of the food, plating up and there is a spice test too!

A great way for your team to bond and at the end of the cooking everyone sits down together and enjoys their meal. Alcohol is BYO.

Cost is $150 per person plus GST.

Why our style of team building works …

The kitchen is a place where in order to get the job done you have to work as a team. Our cooking challenge encourages everyone to get on with it together – no matter whether you’re an excellent cook or can’t even boil an egg, it doesn’t matter! Our chefs are there, available to you. And most importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun and everyone eats together and socialises at the end.

If you’d like to know more – or have any questions – email or call 0415 365 395

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