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100 Hampton Road is a residence for 192 men and women run by Foundation Housing. The lodge provides furnished accommodation for single people with 24 shared kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas, originally built in the 1960’s as the nurses quarters for Fremantle Hospital.

Residents from the lodge come from diverse backgrounds and are often some of the most underprivileged in our community. Many have mental health issues, substance use problems or are living isolated lives with limited social connections. For some living in the lodge is the first step to a normal life after spending time on the streets. For others it is a longer term home, providing an important option in the context of the challenges of affordability and access to appropriate housing in WA.

Sophie worked with FORM (a local non-profit cultural organisation) for over 2 years, cooking with residents. Recently, the Impact 100 – Fremantle Foundations $100 000 grant was awarded, and went towards reinstating the lodge’s huge commercial kitchen. This was followed by a crowd funding campaign to fill it with pots and pans! This work with FORM was completed in November 2015.

Sophie currently cooks with the residents on Mondays, using Food Rescue fruit and veg to make up to 200 packaged meals for the residents – from soup, curry and fruit salad to banana bread and spag bol. Sophie cooks with her right hand lady and team leader in the project Natalie Miller alongside volunteer chefs and friends and the residents of 100 Hampton Road. The residents know that at 1 pm on Monday’s they can come down and grab nutritious hot food, for free!

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The Project

Our aim is to “Make 100 Hampton Road Home – To provide a sustainable kitchen and to create a building that supports and nourishes the residents during their transitional stay”.Sophie Budd

Sophie has been participating in programmes at Landmark Worldwide for the last 4.5 years. She is currently in the Self Expression and Leadership Programme which is about creating a community project. She has chosen 100 Hampton Road as it is a place close to her heart and she can see the potential of the kitchen being a great opportunity for residents to gain skills and find pathways to work in the hospitality industry.

Goals within the project
To have the kitchen be sustainable, create the structures so it is used daily, hired out and for the residents to be able to come and cook every day
To put in an edible garden and create a structure of local community groups to come and tend to the garden with the residents
To make the pool area awesome with shade, sun loungers, beach balls!
To set up regular fitness sessions for the residents

Foundation Housing Involvement

  • Foundation Housing has made an investment partnership with Sophie to involve and engage residents in the kitchen – enhanced social and practical skills.

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  • The refurbished kitchen is seen as a community asset and we want to open it up to the local community.

  • Supporting positive exits from the lodge to more independent accommodation

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  • Unlocking community and local business resources

What does the project need?

If anyone has any ideas, donations, connections anything they can contribute, please e-mail Sophie. All contributions are very welcome!

All enquiries to be sent to, and donations delivered to 305 Lord Street, Highgate.

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