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Australia’s Crazy Food Waste Epidemic (And What We Are Doing About It)

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Australians And Food Waste


There are few things in life that are constant – change is one, another is that we need ongoing food supply.

Food is the very thing that keeps us alive, yet has layers of cultural, emotional, historical and spiritual weight. It brings cheer, comfort and an indulgence of our senses.

It can be the binding essence of happy communities and family relationships, and, in its purest form, comes from the fascinating mystery of nature.

Food never ceases to rouse a range of emotion for us here at Taste Budds HQ, but we’ve been shocked in realising the statistics on food waste in Australia are increasing at an alarming rate. Absurdly this is directly associated with our rushed, everyday lives through which we strive daily to achieve our collective N° 1 survival goal: EAT.

Yes, we actually take the very stuff that keeps us on this planet largely for granted.

Can you imagine wondering where yours and your family’s next meal is going to come from? And that it might well be someone down the road from you?

Millions of Australians endure exactly this as we race through our days, picking the ‘prettiest’ groceries from our supermarkets, cooking and serving large food portions and scraping good leftover food into our bins. Then, as we write our shopping lists from an open fridge the following week, we empty out spoiled, unused food to garbage.

We know, we (were) guilty too, but awareness is the key to change, right?
Read some of these alarming facts…

Food Waste Facts

Fact 1:

Australians ditch about 3.1 million tonnes of food each year – this is equivalent to 17,000 grounded 747 jumbo jet planes.

[Australia’s Department of the Environment and Energy, 2017.]

Yes, that’s the weight of 17,000 of these! 

Can you believe it? 

Fact 2:

Food waste in Australia costs the economy over 20 billion dollars every year.
That’s just the financial impact – consider the addition of energy, fuel and water costs used to grow the food, then the environmental impact once sent to landfill. Yikes.

[Australia’s Department of the Environment and Energy, 2017.]

Now, here’s where it gets really crazy, and why we’re compelled to change it:

Fact 3:

The cost of food waste is also equivalent to one in five shopping bags, adding nearly $4,000 to your annual grocery bill.

[Love Food Hate Waste, 2018.]

Fact 4:

3.6 million Australians experience ‘food insecurity’ every year due to the rising cost of living, unexpected bills, and the cost of food itself.

27% of these people are children.

*Food insecurity refers to partial or limited access to affordable, nutritious food, causing distressing levels of hunger [National Rural Health Alliance].

Without food, life is negatively impacted through loss of confidence, energy and mental health, accompanied by feelings of shame, guilt, loss of dignity and embarrassment [Foodbank Hunger Report 2017].

For those of you who’ve been a Taste Budds customer, you’ll know we are all about the fun and creative expression that food inspires. However, these issues have presented a rather solemn undercurrent, which led to the creation of our team building challenges to feed the homeless.

This is how we see we can make a difference to those much less fortunate, while restoring the value of food to our crazy busy lives. If we can teach people to slow down, be conscious when buying and eating food, and engage in community activities to help others, then our hearts will be full, more hungry tummies will be relieved, and the earth will smile. ☺

We invite you to help us change the paradox of Australia’s simultaneous food waste epidemic and hunger problem from worsening. Together we can transform a serious issue into building a way to connect with others through creating comforting, nourishing food for hungry bellies in need.

Is managing food waste something you are keen to improve in your household or workplace?

We’d love to know your thoughts, connect with us to make change today.

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