Building connections through food

Taste Budds Blog

How do you communicate without talking? By using your other senses, especially those that tantalise the taste buds. Featured by Connect Hearing in an article about non-verbal communication for couples and families with hearing loss, Taste Budds Cooking Studio helps you to do just that.

Owner, Chef Sophie Budd, has more than 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s best chefs, including Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Antonio Carluccio. She shares her passion for food with hands-on cooking classes, team building cooking events, catering and more. She loves to empower people to cook for and nourish each other, which brings families together and encourages bonding.

Words aren’t needed in a kitchen, as communication is made by actions, movements, gestures and tastings. When you cook together as a couple, you learn to work as a team while sharing jobs, chopping, stirring and delighting in different flavours.

Cooking is a calming activity that helps you connect with each other by creating a meal you can both be proud of and spending quality time together in the process. Of course, the end result is sharing a delicious meal together and connecting without the need for talking, but with taste, sight, touch and smell instead.