Chefs inspire kids in the kitchen – The West Australian

Taste Budds Media Mentions

Chef Sophie Budd with Griffin (14) and Abigail (9) Woodhouse.Picture: Iain Gillespie

Cooking is fun. It’s a bit like painting or drawing. You start with an idea and use different materials and techniques to achieve your result. Whether it’s pencils, crayons and paints in the classroom, or salmon, strawberries and mint in the kitchen, there’s skill involved in putting everything together to make it just right.

Chefs are artists. They dice and slice, freeze and fry, blend and blanch to transform simple ingredients into dishes we all love. They’re creative, imaginative and innovative, always coming up with new flavour combinations for people to try. Making it look good on the plate is important because we eat first with our eyes.

We catch up with two Perth chefs and ask them to share their favourite family-friendly recipes with us. Abigail (9) and Griffin (14) Woodhouse caught up with Sophie Budd at her Taste Budds Cooking Studio. Hamish (10) and Imogene (13) Dzodz visited Must Winebar chef Richard Blaikie in his kitchen.

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