WA Shop Fest

Taste Budds Blog

Recently, the Taste Budds team was given the opportunity to showcase a few of our recipes in the company of popular local chefs in the lead up to Buy West Eat Best’s WA Day event.

In celebration of the incredible produce we are lucky to have in abundance here in WA, the recipes contained the freshest of local ingredients, which was a great way to support our Western Australian producers whilst inspiring some healthy and delicious ideas to bring home to your dining table.

Here’s Sophie and Don Hancey in fine form about to taste test (a.k.a. ‘devour’!) their creations while Don does his best ever ‘tortoise neck pose’ for the camera. This dish is Linley Valley pork with Moora citrus orange and candied Omega walnuts. They didn’t last long! 

We’re pretty sure everyone LOVED our food creations and supporting our amazing local producers. Let’s all continue to Buy West Eat Best to ensure our fresh produce industry in WA continues to thrive.